Engineered To Exhilarate

Performance At Your Fingertips

Race track, winding country road or the everyday commute, The Evora GT is a Lotus of outstanding class, delivering a drive so intensely felt that it demands to be experienced time and time again. A rare breed and a statement of independence on the road, the Evora GT embodies all that is beautiful in our performance sports car range.


The Evora GT will actually be available in two different configurations, a regular 2-seat setup and a 2+2 design to fit more passengers. The new Evora utilizes standard lightweight carbon fiber components, both enhancing the exotic car’s sleek exterior and enhancing its aerodynamics. The rear bumper, curved A-panels, rear-wheel ducts and sill covers are all crafted out of carbon fiber, and you can opt for an additional Carbon Pack to change the front access panel, roof panel, tailgate, integrated spoiler and diffuser surround all to carbon fiber materials. The aerodynamic downforce required by all Lotus vehicles is brought about in the new Evora by a more efficient airflow management system.


For the interior, the dashboard, door panels, transmission tunnel and centre console are all trimmed in black Alcantara®, complemented by contrast twin colour stitching (bespoke leather is an option). The lightweight magnesium steering wheel is clad in leather and Alcantara®, the instrument binnacle cover is carbon fibre, as are the backs of the Sparco race seats. An integrated 7” touch-screen infotainment system with AppleCarPlay and Android Auto, Bluetooth® functionality, satellite navigation and reversing camera is also standard. Every new Lotus Evora GT can be personalised through the increasingly popular Lotus Exclusive programme. Developed by the Lotus Design team to inspire customers, it combines traditional British craftsmanship with the best of modern design, and allows owners to tailor vehicles to their personal taste. Since its introduction last year, roughly a third of all new Lotus cars now undergo some form of customisation.


All of those downforce design elements lead to 64 kg of downforce, twice what the previous iteration, the Evora 400, offered. The Evora GT’s lightweight materials lead to a fairly lightweight vehicle overall, shaving 71 pounds off the previous generation to a curb weight of 3,104 lbs. Adding the Carbon Pack reduces this weight by a further 49 pounds.

General Information An Exemplary Ride
Top Speed 188 mph
Horsepower 416 hp
Torque 332 lb-ft
0-60 mph 3.8 sec
Displacement 3456cc
Technical specifications
  • Top Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Power-to-weight
  • Aerodynamic Downforce
  • 188 mph

  • 3.8 sec
  • 295 | 293
  • 141 lbs

  • Displacement
  • Max. Power
  • Max. Torque
  • 3456cc

  • 416 hp
  • 332 lb-ft

  • Manual
  • Optional Automatic
  • Differential
  • Sports ratio 6-speed manual transmission

  • Sports ratio 6-speed automatic transmission
  • Torsen-type Limited Slip Differential [Manual Only]

Body & Chassis
  • Chassis
  • Body
  • Aerodynamics
  • Door Mirrors
  • Lightweight aluminium extruded and bonded

  • Lightweight composite
  • Three element rear wing
  • electronically adjustable, foldable and heated

  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • Fuel Tank Capacity
  • 4,394mm

  • 1,972mm
  • 1,223mm
  • 55 Litres