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Vegas Auto Gallery
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Las Vegas, NV 89103
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Car Service in Las Vegas NV

“Your vehicle needs service.” Those words can cause any vehicle owner to roll their eyes. Believe us, we would love it if the vehicles we sell could just go forever without service. But the fact is, if you want your car or truck to keep running well into the future, it needs routine maintenance. Whether you are looking for an oil change, brake service, transmission flush or even major engine repair, the Vegas Auto Gallery Service Department is the place to go for car service in Las Vegas, NV.

Luxury vehicle service in Las Vegas NV

It’s not fun to be without your car. That’s why getting your vehicle finished as quickly as possible is our top priority. Our team is up front about how long it will take to service your vehicle. Your vehicle is part of your family. So treat it that way. That means only taking it to trusted professionals when it is need of service.

Why Choose us for Service

By why should you service your vehicle with us? It’s a valid question. There are plenty of places you can go to get your car serviced in Las Vegas. But, we’re telling you, it would be hard to find a staff that is as qualified and conscientious as the group we have assembled at Vegas Auto Gallery.


While getting you back in your ride ASAP is very important to us, we’re not going to let you have it until the job is done right. Speed is our specialty, but being thorough with the repairs that we do is just as important. It makes no sense to get a job done fast if it isn’t done right.